SCDownloader 1.0

SCDownloader is a tool for easy downloading songs form without the need for registration

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SCDownloader makes it simple to download music and other tracks from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is platform for sharing music between users as well as acquiring music through other distribution means. It’s a powerful and popular solution, but perhaps grabbing a single music file when you want it isn’t as simple as some users would like. This is where SCDownloader comes in. Simply enter the direct link to the file, and this program with retrieve it for you.

The notion of a direct link is an important one. There’s no search or discovery mechanisms. You need to have the direct link to the track you want. There’s a URL box at the top of the app and a Download button. Enter the link. Press the button. Presto. That’s really all there is to it. It’s arguably the fastest and most streamlined way to download music and other audio files from SoundCloud by far.

So, why use SCDownloader? Is the ease of access and speed worth it when there’s no file discovery to find what you want? Well, it depends. It obviously isn’t for everyone. One of the biggest advantages is that no registration is required. In other words, you don’t even need a SoundCloud account. If you want to use a VPN or similar technology, this gives you great control in protecting your identity. Additionally, there are entire communities built up around sharing direct links, so while SCDownloader doesn’t offer discovery, there are other means that are compatible with it.

The only downside to SCDownloader is that it doesn’t handle playlists, which is a shame because SoundCloud supports downloading all tracks in a playlist with just one click. The developers of SCDownloader do make a program to do just this, but having two separate apps to achieve what just one app would do just fine is an annoyance we’d like to see corrected.


  • Simple download from SoundCloud
  • No registration required


  • No playlist support

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